SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier Review

Review of SportPet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier – Front Door Plastic Collapsible Carrier

Here’s a great cat carrier for those who do a lot of traveling, especially on air planes. It’s not just a great functional carrier, it’s also stylish so it looks good when you’re traveling for both you and your kitty, if that’s what’s important to you.

Sport Pet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier cleaningThe thing I love the most about this carrier is the huge door opening. It makes it feel, from a cat’s perspective anyway, like you’re not going into some small confined place, but rather something that may be fun to sleep and lounge around in.

Most other carriers have much smaller openings, and you pretty much need to jam your cat through the hole as they’re unlikely to walk in themselves. Well, this carrier is definitely different in that regard. On their website there are even comments from Veterinarians stating how this is a welcome design.

“Working with a cat has become so much easier”, we often hear. Less stress on the cat. Easy transport for the cat owner. Easy handling for the veterinarians. The quality of the tooling is outstanding. The body of the cat carrier is made out of an impact resistant polypropylene.

The overall design is simplicity and ease of use for both you and your cat or kitten. It a spacious design with high quality latches and the door. And since this is a “collapsible” cat carrier, it obviously does just that, and quite easily.

This makes it not just easy to use, but easy to store when not being used as well. When you collapse the carrier it can pretty much be stored anywhere with a few inches of width, like between shelving even.

And when you are using it, your cat will not only be safe inside the soft designed material carrier, but also comfortable as there is plenty of ventilation for your cat or critter. And the ventilation also gives your cats a view making them feel more secure and calm. Much better than the carriers that don’t allow your pet to see much.This can really add to their anxiety and stress when being moved. So be aware!

My cat always meows a LOT when he can’t see what’s going on inside a carrier. This carrier really made him calmer once he got settled.

And my cat is a big cat, maybe even a little fat, and he still had plenty of leg and head room. So this carrier can comfortably transport any sized cat, including the big ones. Obviously I am talking domestic cats, not some Puma or something crazy!

But it could also accommodate a small dog. This cat could be used for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, some tortoise and turtles have also done well in the cat carrier.

Easy to clean. We all know accidents sometimes happen. The wide door makes clean up easy. The bed is machine washable and dryer safe.

The sportpet travel master cat carrier is the last cat carrier you will ever need.

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