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Review of Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Starter Kit

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BREEZE Litter System from Tidy Cats

Introduce your cats to BREEZE Litter System from Tidy Cats, and spend less time on litter box maintenance and more time on what matters most: quality moments with your feline friends. The combination litter pad and pellet system changes the way you think about cleaning your cat’s litter box, and the included box and scoop makes it simple to get your cats started off on the right paw. Messes around the box are minimized with 99.9% dust-free pellets and the throwaway pads absorb excessive moisture in your cats’ boxes. An ideal option for homes with multiple cats, this litter box system doesn’t need refills as often because the BREEZE litter pellets help keep things fresh for up to one month for one cat, taking the heavy lifting out of your daily litter duties.

Modification the method you think about cleaning your cat’s litter box with the Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System starter package. This system features effective odor control to keep your house smelling fresh and clean, and the specially developed, cat-friendly litter pellets lessen the litter your family pets track throughout your home. With a pass-through system, the pellets catch solid waste on top, letting urine go through to the absorbent litter pads listed below. This easy-to-maintain system takes the uncertainty from changing litter while providing your cats a comfortable place to look for relief. A protective drawer holds the litter pads securely in location, keeping them far from your cats while they use the BREEZE litter box. The Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System starter kit includes whatever you have to get your cats began on this convenient and odor-controlling all-in-one feline litter system.

BREEZE Litter System, Review of Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System Starter Kit

Explore New Ways for Making Litter Box Maintenance a Whole Lot Simpler

Changing the way you think about litter and your cats’ daily needs begins with switching over from clumping litter to Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter System from Tidy Cats. Containing everything you need for a complete changeover, the starter kit has a box, scoop, pellets and pads to get your cats started on a new way of using their litter box. Whether you have one cat or multiple, introducing your cats is simple. Begin by mixing the new litter pellets into the regular litter, letting your cats get used to them. Place the new BREEZE litter box next to the old one, and slowly let them get acclimated to making the switch. The easy-to-open drawer is the exact size of the disposable pads, making weekly change-overs simple, and the removable sidewall on the new BREEZE litter box keeps pellets contained and off the floor as your cat crew investigates. Daily scooping with the included scoop is a whole lot easier as the pads wick moisture away and the pellets dehydrate solid waste. There’ll be less litter kick-up around the box and more happy cats in your home.

Explore the entire line of Purina Tidy Cats litter and litter accessories to help you maintain both your cats’ healthy litter habits and your home’s clean, fresh appearance. Choose Tidy Cats litter in non-clumping formulas, including Instant Action for immediate odor control from the moment your cat steps in the box, or pick up Tidy Cats with Glade Tough Odor Solutions clumping litter for two top names in odor control, in an easy-to-scoop formula. Get Tidy Cats LightWeight litter and make the trip from the grocery store home a lot easier to manage, with the formulas you’ve come to rely upon in a lighter weight. Litter isn’t all about the box and formula, which is why Tidy Cat litter accessories are available to help you manage the maintenance. Find liners and deodorizers to make taking care of your cats a whole lot tidier.


Easy Maintenance:

1. Scoop out solid waste and dispose of daily. Note: Litter pellets do not clump.

2. Add more litter pellets as necessary. Note: Litter pellets generally last one month.

3. Slide drawer out to replace soiled pad. Drawer can be rotated 180 degrees, without touching the pad, to extend pad life. Note: Breeze Pads generally last up to one week for a single cat.

Transitioning Your Cat: For best results, please follow all steps:

1. Place a cat pad, soft side up, in the drawer. Slide the drawer into the base. Fill the top portion of the box with one package of litter pellets.

2. Put stool and/or urine clumps from your previous litter box onto the litter pellets in the Breeze litter box. This helps your cat understand that Breeze is her new litter box.

3. Place the Breeze litter box next to your previous litter box, and let your cat have access to both boxes. Please stop cleaning your previous litter box.

4. After 2-3 days, remove your previous litter box. Animal Behaviorists recommend multiple cat households have multiple litter boxes: one system per cat, plus one additional system. (2 cats = 3 litter systems).

Box Set-Up:

1. Snap the side-wall on the grated base.

2. Place a cat pad in the drawer of the breeze litter box. Slide the drawer into the base.

3. Fill the top portion of the breeze litter system with one package of litter pellets.

Dos and Don’ts: Most cats need time to adjusts to the change in their litter. During the transition, please help your cat by observing the following: Do be patient. The Breeze litter box is very different from traditional litters, and some cats may take longer than others to make the switch. Don’t force your cat into the Breeze litter box. Let her explore the new box on her own. It’s important that your cat chooses to use the new box on her own. forcing her into the Breeze litter box could frighten her, and she may avoid using it altogether. Do set up your new Breeze litter box right next to your previous litter box. Putting your Breeze litter box in the same location helps to minimize the change your cat is experiencing. Don’t hover around the Breeze litter box. Give your cat a chance to explore it on her own. Even cats prefer a little privacy when they are doing their business! We know every cat is different.

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