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Review of Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

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The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan offers privacy while keeping the litter inside the pan. The large hood lifts up for simple gain access to for cleansing, while the built-in bag anchor assists keep the bag open and releases hands for scooping.

The carbon-impregnated filter efficiently traps and eliminates litter box smells. The door opening measures 10.4 inches by 9.6 inches.

The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan is perfect for multi-cat homes. Replacement carbon filters offered independently.


Main Highlights of Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

  • Provides your cat with privacy while retaining their litter inside the pan
  • Large hood lifts up for easy access for cleaning
  • Perfect for multi-cat households
  • Dimension: 22.4” x 18.3” x 17” (L x H x W), Door opening: 10.4″ x 9.6″ (H x W)
  • Made of BPA-Free Materials


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Customer Reviews

Roomier than expected

 on September 12, 2015
By LALady
Too early to tell if my two female cats like this box or not, but I will say it’s just as spacious as I’d hoped. The other photos don’t really show how large this box is! It’s amazing! I’m very happy with my purchase.

Friends help you move. Best friends help you move bodies.

 on September 28, 2015
By Jordan Finnigan
To give an idea of the size of this thing, I’ll quote Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

Seems like a decent enough litter pan.

 on December 14, 2015
By L.D.
At this time, this review is mostly so I can supply people with pictures to help them get a better idea of size. I have only had this for a short period of time and for now the clear plastic flap is tucked up under the area below the filter as the box arrived warped. The flap can easily be pushed aside when a cat enters the box, but because of the warp, the flap catches on one side when the cat tries to exit, trapping the cat inside. I will have to file down one side of the flap, I just have not had the chance to do so yet. It wasn’t enough of an issue to warrant sending it back, but I was still disappointed.

Great hooded litter box with functional swinging door.

 on January 22, 2017
By Scott G.
Purchased from and shipped by Amazon.

He pretty much filled up the whole box

 on June 18, 2016
By Monica Ball
We have a 20-lb. fluffy cat as you can see from his picture. He needed a new box, so I had picked up a “large” sifting, covered box in a store. He would not use it. When I sat him inside, he just looked at me. He got out and rubbed against me and the outside of the box, wanting to thank me and use it. I put him in again, but he looked at me and jumped out. He pretty much filled up the whole box. Just received this Catit Jumbo hooded pan and set it up yesterday. I like how the “door” lifts up and back for scooping. Since the box was new to him, we left the door up and back. He used it last evening. This morning, we closed the door on it and he used it again. This is a great box and gives our larger cat room to move around and cover as he likes to.

Huge Litter Box…Watch the Swinging Door!

 on July 10, 2016
By Jennifer M. Superales
This is a HUGE litter box (hence the jumbo)! If you have a very large cat or a few, this is definitely a wise investment. I purchased this to reduce the never ending litter debris and plume that seems to exists no matter how many times I clean! It’s pretty cool-enclosed but roomy, swinging door, carbon filter. But! The only issue is the swinging door doesn’t quit fit so it doesn’t swing well. If you have a cat like mine, he/she will get stuck in the litter box unless they punch their way out with their head…! I simply removed the swinging door so at least I could fold down the top and get ‘some’ benefit from the carbon filter (see pics). That’s the only issue thus far but I’ve rated the product a 4 instead of a full 5 stars simply because the swinging door function should be an obvious quality control check…

Highly recommend this box for any cat owner

 on June 10, 2016
By Payton B
This litter box is by far the best one I’ve ever had. It has impeccable quality, it makes upkeep easy, and is great for my cats. I have two medium sized male cats, who love to make messes when it comes to cat litter. I got this box because it had a cover, and was large enough for them to be comfortable with using it. Neither of the cats had ever used a covered box before, so for the first 3 days I took the clear plastic door off, so they could get used to the box itself. Once I put the door back on, the were puzzled for a while, but when they needed to do their business they used the door just fine. I highly recommend this box to anyone with cats! My cats still get some litter out of the box, but only the minimal amount that they need to shake off their paws after being in cat litter. Not an issue at all, simply an inevitable occurrence.

Locking lid helps to keep cats from getting the lid …

 on November 28, 2015
By Corey A.
Locking lid helps to keep cats from getting the lid off and having litter or other things from leaking out around the sides and back.

Pretty satisfied and recommend

 on June 30, 2015
By Abhinav M.
This litter box is really large! In fact it is so big that I can easily keep the litter scoop inside the litter box. Great features – carbon filter, a transparent hinged cover that can be moved up and back to open up the litter box a little in case your kitty prefers easy access to litter or is not used to entering an enclosed litter box. I have a small kitten and hinged removable cover has really helped from my purchase going to waste. The lock hinges on the sides locking the top and bottom parts together might not be sturdy enough for the litter box to be carried around with heavy litter in it. Well worth the price!

Great litter box!!

 on January 7, 2016
By Nancy H.
I have a multiple cat household and I know that the experts recommend almost one litter box per cat, but this is hard to do with so many cats (8). I have 3 very large litter boxes and two of them are these Jumbo Hooded Cat litter Pans by Catit…and these are great! They do take a lot of litter, but well worth it. My house does not smell like I have any pets inside…as told by everyone who visits…as they are very surprised! But I do clean the boxes twice a day…so that may help too! I removed the plastic cover/entrance to these two boxes, as my cats don’t appear to like that ‘closed’ feeling. So the clear plastic door is off and my cats are happy to use this box. One BIG plus for this box which is solely why I chose it due to the reviews is…I have a female cat that stands and pees. The other boxes I have purchased always ‘leaked’ pee from the seams or where never tall enough as she would pee over the top. This is the first box that does not leak at the seam (where the top and bottom of the box comes together), the box is huge so the cats can go in an not feel ‘trapped’ inside the box…and without the plastic door, they feel like they can jump out quickly if another cat decides to pounce on him/her while in the box (which rarely happens…but could if they were in a playful mood!). So I am ordering two more of these boxes today…and I do highly recommend this litter box for cats with standing ‘peeing’ issues….or NO issues at all! Great litter box! Easy to clean out the poop and pee (using clumping litter here), but just lifting the flap on top of the box…no need to remove the entire top half of the box…just lift the flap and you can scoop out all the contents!! Will try and attach two photos…although the boxes look small in the photo, there really are not!! Pic shows plastic door removed and how you can just lift the top to remove the contents!! and easy to pour the litter into this box too!

Review Of Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan
Review Of Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Review Of Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Review Of Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan