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Review of SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

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Amazon Price: $49.99 $49.99 (as of April 24, 2019 1:32 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Ultimate Scratching Post

Encourages the Mental & Physical Stimulation of Cats!

Cats need a scratching post that will allow them to get a full stretch. This post is 32” high and is designed to maximize your cat’s scratching pleasure by providing an appealing target for territorial marking, exercise and natural cat exuberance.

Product Features Durable post allows cats to get a full stretch vertically and tone muscles. Fibrous woven sisal fiber is extremely durable and encourages scratching. Attractive and neutrally toned to fit any decor. Sturdy construction with 16” x 16” wide base reduces tipping and wobbling. Fast and easy assembly attaches the post to the base using the two screws included.

5 Reasons Cats Scratch To remove old nail sheaths from the claws To exercise and tone muscles To relieve stress, frustration and boredom To “warm-up” for a vigorous play session To mark territory

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 35 inches ; 16.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 15.8 pounds
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  • International Shipping: This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S. Learn More
  • Shipping Advisory:: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
  • ASIN: B000634MH8
  • Item model number: 3832

Customer Reviews

Amazing Scratching Post!

 on April 23, 2014
By Abby
I knew I needed to get my cat a great scratching post. She was scratching up all of our furniture and the scratching post she had was too small and just not very nice! After we placed an order for new furniture, we knew we had to get her a post that would stop all of her scratching! After doing extensive research, I found out what is really important in a scratching post is size, it must be big and tall so that the cat can stretch out. It must be sturdy, so the cat cannot easily knock it over, and it should have a favorable scratching material (sisal is preferable). Well, this post meets all of those criteria.

Fantastic! Big enough for my biggest cat

 on August 18, 2014
By Agatha Coronado
After purchasing a 

Never Believed It Would Work

 on February 6, 2010
By Johnny Robish
After reading the reviews and losing all of my security deposit (and then some) from my last apartment due to my cat’s constant scratching of the woodwork, I decided to try this item. I really had my doubts about it as my cat can be very fussy about being directed to do anything (especially where to scratch). At first, as some dissatisfied users have reported, my cat showed absolutely no interest in the post. When he would scratch the woodwork, I would place him at the post and still, he showed no interest at all – even going so far as to retract his claws as a further insult (lol).

Best cat scratcher out there

 on June 7, 2015
By Swiftrain
My two cats LOVE scratching posts. I used to buy them the round wrapped rope ones and they would last maybe 3-4 months before being completely destroyed into a hairy, shedding mess. I finally bought one of these scratchers 3 years ago after passing it in the store several times due to it’s cost (it’s MUCH cheaper on Amazon without shipping). But I was so sick of having to buy $20-$30 ones that they just completely wore out. As you can see from the photo – the 3 year old scratcher is on the left and the one I just opened is on the right. THREE YEARS OLD and it BARELY looks worn down at all! It never sheds. I have never found a single piece of twine anywhere. They use it probably 15-20 times a day between the two of them (not including the 8 or so hours I’m gone from home every day) so it is heavily used. As for it’s stability – I honestly have no idea how a cat that isn’t medium dog sized can knock it over. The base is incredibly wide and solid. Mine has always sat on plush carpet. I’ve run into the thing before and at most it’s scooted a little bit. It’s very heavy and sturdy – I’m not sure how cats are managing to knock it over without completely ramming into it. I bought a new one simply because I moved into a bigger house and needed a second one in another part of it since I knew they loved the old one so much. It’s easily the best scratcher I have ever bought and considering how long they last it is DEFINITELY worth the price. Now I just wish they’d make cat trees using this woven mat sisal as it seems to last much longer than the wrapped rope…My poor cat tree has been cut down quite a bit trying to get the most out of it.

Took a month for cat to accept it, but now she loves it

 on May 10, 2016
Very large (see pic) so plan out where it’s going to go before you buy. I knew the measurements and still had a bit of a “whoa” moment when it was assembled. It took my cat a while to warm up to it (about a month) but now she uses it all the time. Possible problem for some buyers: the tan portions are not wood; they are a dense and heavy duty feeling particleboard/composite sort of material. This is a very sturdy and hefty cat scratch monument.

Over 5 Years In and Still Not Bad

 on April 9, 2016
By ExtraTrstl
I’m on here because I’m buying another one of these; according to Amazon I purchased my first one about 5 1/2 years ago. Considering the whole purpose of this item is to get damaged day in and day out, that’s impressive. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to splurge for something like this versus buying those horrible cardboard scratchers every week, the answer is an emphatic yes.

Still Great After Two Years

 on December 20, 2015
By ederath
I purchased two of these scratching posts on 1/14/2014. As I write this, that’s nearly 2 years ago. I’ve attached pictures to show what the posts look like today after two years of scratching by our 4 cats. You can see that the material is only slightly frayed and still securely affixed to the pillar. Our cats are between 16 and 17 years old so we’ve been through a lot of scratching posts over the years. None have compared in terms of durability. What I love about these posts (and our cats love too) is that the cats are able to fully stretch while scratching. These posts get a work-out in our home. One of our cats’ favorite games is to claw after a little fur ball that I attach to a piece of yarn, wrap around the post, then pull in jerky motions to get the cats’ attention. They jump after the ball and yarn with claws out and dig right into the posts. Our cats are large, weighing about 16 pounds with one exercise-challenged cat weighing in at about 20 pounds. The posts never tip or move even when our cats have their full weight against them. Because our posts are on bare wood floors, I did attach small pieces of felt on the corner of each base so I could move them myself when vaccuming. Overall, these are definitely worth the cost because they last a long time. I will definitely purchase them again when ours finally wear out.

Quality product, cats love it, well worth the price!

 on May 16, 2016
By Tracy Teschka
My cats LOVE this. It’s expensive but worth it; its tall and sturdy and lets the cats stretch while they scratch. I’ve had mine for 2 years and I have 6 cats so it is wearing, but I covered the rough patch with sisal rope and good as new! Spritz with catnip spray to REALLY encourage your fur babies to use the post instead of your furniture!

Not for every cat (UPDATE)

 on May 5, 2010
By (¬‿¬)
I bought the Ultimate Scratching Post after having read so many recommendations. I have to admit, this post is a nice size. It’s sturdy and attractive. However, my kitty will have nothing to do with it. I’ve tried enticing her with catnip and toys. I’ve even scratched it myself, which got her attention, but no go. She’d rather scratch my furniture. Considering the price, I regret buying it.

Review Of SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post
Review Of SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Review Of SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Review Of SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post